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Fully committed to Fringe for all.

The Fringe and its partnering venues strive to make shows and events as accessible as possible. Accessibility information is noted for each venue which could include physical access, accommodations, sign language interpretation, and captioning. We are working hard to include fringers of all abilities.

Most Fringe venues are handicap accessible with the Spiegeltent being accessible to wheelchairs and motorized scooters. Thanks to Karen Zandi and all the Mary Cariola Center volunteers for their support in helping us assess and update Fringe venues. Additional thanks to Stephanie Woodward and Sophie Poost from the Center for Disability Rights for their assistance in revising our venue assessment checklist.

If you have a question or require assistance with regard to a particular venue’s accessibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Detailed Accessibility Information

Google Elevation

While in Rochester, here’s something that will make your Fringe experience smoother. Google has added a neat feature in Google Maps. Whenever you ask for directions from point A to point B, Maps will also provide a nifty little interactive map with an estimated elevation for each part of the route that shows elevation changes and the overall climb and descent of the route. Handy little tool for those with mobility issues who can now choose alternative routes to avoid steep climbs. Currently available on the desktop version of Google Maps.

Wheelchair accessible view comes to Google Maps

In a March 15, 2018 update, Maps users can now access wheelchair-friendly directions as part of transit routes. The feature is currently available in New York City, Boston, Mexico City, London, Tokyo and Sydney, with more locations expected to arrive at a later date.

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