Spiegeltent Accessibility


The beloved piece of history boasts stained glass windows, a velvet draped ceiling and VIP booths fit for royalty. All shows are presented in the round.


406 E. Main Street

Rochester, NY 1460


Joe Myers

Accessible Approach/Entrance

• Curbs have curb cuts (on East Avenue, Swan and Main Streets)

• Most direct route is from Main Street (if coming from East End Garage)

• Route of travel is slip resistant and at least 36 in wide

• Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane

• Venue is up a few stairs or accessible ramp

• Entrance doors can be opened with assistance

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

• Accessible spaces are available in the East End Garage (City of Rochester); Swan Street entrance offers seven (7) accessible spaces

• Accessible spaces are also available in the East End Garage (City of Rochester) through the Main Street entrance; offers at least fifteen (15) accessible spaces on three (3) levels

• Accessible spaces at the Main Street entrance are closest to accessible entrance on proper route (Main Street to Gibbs Street)

• Accessible spaces at the Swan Street entrance are closest to accessible entrance on proper route (Barrett Place to Gibbs Street)

• When exiting garage on Swan Street, sidewalk is a little steep

• Accessible spaces marked with International Symbol of Accessibility

Rooms and Spaces

• Aisles and pathways are at least 36 inches wide

• At least 5-foot space for turning a wheelchair completely

• Obstacles are cane-detectable in circulation paths through public areas


• Spaces for wheelchair seating distributed throughout (no fixed seating; allows for rearranging, can accommodate on the spot) except in booths

•Booths are not accessible but seats near booths are available for people in wheelchair and companion. Please email ahead of time with specific request at:


• Accessible port-a-potty near Spiegelgarden



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