School of the Arts: Movement Center Accessibility


45 Prince Street

Rochester, NY 14607


Andrea Gregoire

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • Route of travel is slip resistant and at least 36” wide
  • Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane
  • Curbs have curb cuts at drives, parking, and drop off


  • Slope of ramp no greater than 1:12
  • Railings on both sides
  • Width between railings at least 36”
  • No ramp to top café but available seating below

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • 4 accessible parking spaces available, with 8’ wide access aisle, 2 of which have 98” vertical clearance for vans
  • Accessible space is closest to accessible entrance on proper route
  • Accessible space marked with International Symbol of Accessibility
  • Accessible parking also available at the MAG (Memorial Art Gallery) across the street, if needed


  • Main entrance is accessible
  • Flat entrance from lot, slight slope from sidewalk in front
  • Entrance door has at least 32” of clear opening with at least 18” of clear wall on the pull side of door, next to handle
  • Threshold edge is accessible
  • Door can be opened with automatic button

Rooms and Spaces

  • Gymnasium Venue: There will be a tent in the gym with no fixed seating, which will accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. People who are able will sit on the floor or stand during the performance.  Chairs will be available for those who require them.
  • At least 5’ space for turning a wheelchair completely with open adjustable seating.
  • There was one obstacle in the hall prior to entering the room that was not higher than 80”: a round mirror that was mounted on the left wall.  The seating will not have organized paths, and there may be people sitting of the floor during the actual performance.

Seats, Tables and Counters

  • Flexible (public space) – no tables or seating
  • Will accommodate wheelchairs and scooters
  • Chairs will be available for those who cannot sit on the floor or remain standing. 
  • The seating will not have organized rows/paths and there may be people sitting of the floor during the actual performance. 


  • Accessible across the hall/foyer of the gymnasium; there are two entrances for both the women’s and men’s bathrooms.
  • The women’s bathroom has a fully wheelchair accessible stall with a handle that is operable with a closed fist, with at least 5’ x 5’ area, grab bars behind and on the side of the toilet, and faucets that can be operated with a closed fist. 
  • The men’s bathroom has a larger stall at least 5’ x 5’ with a broken lock. It has grab bars behind and on the side of the toilet.  The faucets cannot be operated with one closed fist.


  • Andrea Gregoire: (585) 242-7682 x1551

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