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Current as of April 8, 2019

Director of Social Media

The Director of all things Social Media will play a key role in the promotion of the 8th annual KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival by implementing effective social media strategies that engage Fringe fans and keep them coming back for more.

The Deets

Here at Fringe, we find that most creative people don’t like to be told exactly how to do what they do best. We can’t wait to hear your ideas for how to execute your key responsibilities such as:

  • Full scale social media relations for the 8th annual KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival while working in collaboration within the Fringe PR & Marketing Team
  • Strategizing with the Festival Producer and within the PR & Marketing Team on new ideas and initiatives.
  • Management of Fringe social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Supervision of the management of Snapchat.
  • Activities that support overall marketing messages for the Fringe.
  • Identifying possibilities for further online engagement.
  • Identifying additional social media relations opportunities within the designated budget.
  • The ability to create, monitor, and measure social media impact.

The Money Tree

Fringe hasn’t found the tree yet and until we do,  we have to honor our budget. We are a typical small, non-profit organization in that we are challenged to operate with limited resources. We know there are talented people out there who love the Fringe and want to share their knowledge, skills, and abilities to help ensure its continued success, AND who will be motivated to find creative ways to accomplish our social media goals within the $8000 we have budgeted for this position. We get that you might not be able to retire early with that amount, so we totally endorse and expect that as an independent contractor working for us part-time, you will have other work to do and other clients to delight. We just want to be one of them and know you can give us the attention we need, especially leading up to and during the festival September 10-21, 2019.


We accomplish so much more together. You are joining the Marketing Team, which also includes the Creative Director,  Publicist, Copywriter, Media Planner, Website Team, and Designer.

To be considered for this position, please send a cover letter, your resume, and your favorite social media posting to

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