George Eastman Museum: East Lawn

George Eastman Museum: East Lawn


900 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607


Eliza Kozlowski

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • East Lawn wheelchair accessible via the driveway
  • Route of travel is slip resistant, and at least 36” wide
  • Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane
  • Curbs have curb cuts at drives, parking, and drop off


  • Not Applicable for the lawn
  • If seeking entrance into the museum
    • Accessible entrance at Thomas Tischer Visitor Center entrance
    • Slope of ramp no greater that 1:12
    • Width between curbs at least 36”

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • 4 accessible parking spaces available with 8’ wide access aisle
  • Outdoor parking lot so no need for vertical clearance for vans
  • Accessible spaces are closest to accessible entrance on proper route
  • Drop off location in lot (out of traffic) for paratransit user with accessible path to the lawn.
  • Accessible space marked with International Symbol of Accessibility


  • If seeking entrance into the museum:
    • Entrance to the Thomas Tischer Visitor Center is accessible
    • Threshold edge is accessible
    • Touchless wave sensor for automatic doors

Rooms and Spaces

  • Aisles and pathways not applicable to lawn area
  • Obstacles are cane-detectable in circulation paths through public areas

Seats, Tables, and Counters

  • Seats not provided on the lawn - open seating on the grounds
  • Ticket counter accessible with a 36” wide section and unobstructed space in front to measure no less than


  • Fringe events on the lawn so no need for the elevator


  • Enter through the Thomas Tischer Visitor Center to access restrooms.
  • Accessible restrooms with pictograms used to identify restrooms (doesn’t include braille)
  • Doorway to restroom is at least 32” clear
  • Adequate maneuvering space for a person using a wheelchair
  • 36” wide path to all fixtures
  • Accessible stall with grab bars behind and on the side of wall nearest to the toilet
  • Stall door operable with closed fist
  • Touchless wave sensor to operate faucet


  • Eliza Kozlowski: (585) 327-4860
    • Main Phone: (585) 327-4800

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