La Marketa at The International Plaza: Accessibility

The International Plaza

The International Plaza is an open space with a medium size covered stage. It has accessible parking, reserved spaces and ramps for wheelchairs, accessible restrooms, and some seating accommodations.


828 North Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14609


Lisandra Mandez-Velez

The International Plaza is a non-smoking site building in 2020 and meets ADA requirements

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • Venue is at ground level
  • Route of travel is slip resistant and at least 36” wide
  • Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane
  • Accessible path on sidewalk to main entrance on North Clinton Avenue.
  • Two (2) other accessible entrances on North Clinton
    • Near the corner of Hoelttzer Street
    • Corner with Sullivan Street.
  • Sidewalk entrances located on Hoeltzer Street and on Sullivan Street

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • Accessible parking space available entering from Sullivan Street.
  • We have up to 30 parking spaces available, 2 reserved for handicap.
  • Additional on street parking available by the main entrance, and side streets.
  • Additional lots identified for vendors and visitors parking in the area: St. Michaels church and Father Tracy Center are closest

Seats, Tables, and Counters

  • Open space with stage, concrete plaza, and green areas
  • 10 picnic tables with sun shade (umbrella) and a long bench around the center area available for seating
  • Special accommodation might be considered if needed


  • Fully accessible with pictograms used to identify restrooms
  • Adequate maneuvering space for a person using a wheelchair
  • Stall doors operable with a closed fist inside and out
  • Hand Soap and air hand dryer in restrooms


  • Lisandra Mandez-Velez: (585) 451-5676
  • Jim Farr: (585) 303-5934
  • Jessica Del Valle: (585) 451-5676

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