La Marketa at The International Plaza: Accessibility

The International Plaza

The International Plaza is an open space with a medium size covered stage. It has accessible parking, reserved spaces and ramps for wheelchairs, accessible restrooms, and some seating accommodations.


828 North Clinton Ave. Rochester, NY 14609


Jessica Del Valle

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • Accessible path on sidewalk to main entrance on North Clinton Avenue.
  • There are 2 other accessible entrances on North Clinton. One near the corner of Hoelttzer Street, and the other one, in the corner with Sullivan Street.
  • 1 additional sidewalk entrance is located on Hoeltzer Street.
  • 1 additional sidewalk entrance is located on Sullivan Street.
  • NOTE: The International Plaza is a non-smoking site, built in the year 2020. It meets all the ADA requirements.

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • Accessible parking space available entering from Sullivan Street.
  • We have up to 30 parking spaces available, 2 reserved for handicap.
  • Additional on street parking available by the main entrance, and side streets.
  • Additional lots identified for vendors and visitors parking in the area
  • (St. Michaels church, Father Tracy Center, and others)

Seats, Tables, and Counters

  • The International Plaza is an open space with a medium stage, concrete, and green areas. Visitors are welcome to bring their chairs for Market Days events. Special accommodation might be considered if needed.
    • 6 picnic tables and a long bench around the center area available for seating.


  • Fully accessible with pictograms used to identify restrooms
  • Adequate maneuvering space for a person using a wheelchair
  • Stall doors operable with a closed fist inside and out
  • Hand Soap and air hand dryer in restrooms


  • Jessica Del Valle: (585) 451-5676
  • Jim Farr: (585) 303-5934

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