RIT City Art Space Accessibility

RIT City Art Space

City Art Space is RIT’s only off-campus art venue in downtown Rochester, free and open to the public, where community engagement flows through art and design exhibitions, events and educational programming.


280 E. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604


John Aasp

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • Two different entrances with stable firm surfaces
  • No steps to enter
  • Entrances are 36” or more wide
  • No barriers of concern in the entrance areas and adequate space to rotate a wheelchair
  • Switch activated doors at one entrance and handles that can be operated with a closed fist at the other entrance

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • There is a parking garage attached to the building
    • St Joe’s Parking Garage: 72 N Clinton Avenue
    • 4-5 accessible parking spaces on each floor that are van accessible with appropriate signage and clear routes to elevators.

  • Parking garage attached to the building - some long corridors throughout the building, walking at a casual pace may take 5 minutes to get to the art gallery.
  • Additional paid street parking available with curb cuts

    • Parking spaces within 50 yards of the entrance.

Rooms and Spaces

  • One open gallery area.
  • No seating available as the space functions to move through the gallery to view different artworks
  • Several moveable walls in the gallery; placement of walls depends upon the art show at the time
  • More than 50” between any structure.
  • Any obstacles should be detectable by a cane


  • There is a restroom in the back area of the gallery available for use upon request; not labeled so requires gallery staff to direct the patron
  • Single occupant unisex restroom without stalls
  • Doorway has 36” of clearance, with accessible handles on door that can be operated with a closed fist
  • Grab bars on the side wall of the toilet
  • Toilet conforms to ADA height requirements
  • Water faucet can be operated with a closed fist.
  • Soap dispenser at 41” height
  • Hand dryer at 49” height
  • NOTE: New public ADA accessible restrooms are located on the first floor near the Mercantile on Main. From City Art Space, walk down interior hallway toward Mercantile/Food Court, just past the Commissary, on the right.


  • cityartspace.rit.edu or (585) 475-241

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