Virtual Fringe FAQ

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Virtual Fringe FAQ

What kinds of shows are in the Virtual Fringe this year?

This year’s lineup includes live and (pre-recorded) on-demand performances of all genres, streaming on a variety of platforms. There are both free and paid performances available to view; check them out on our shows page. On-demand content is available to view anytime between September 13th and October 8th.

Do I need a ticket?

Sometimes! Paid performances are ticketed, but free performances are not. You can access a free performance through our shows page (but remember: live shows begin and end at specific times, while on-demand ones are available to view throughout the festival).

How do I buy a ticket?

Find and select a performance on our shows page to purchase a ticket. Once you complete your transaction, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket attached. Simply click the “watch video” button on the ticket to access the show (but again: live shows begin and end at certain times, while on-demand ones are available to view throughout the festival).

Can I send a ticket to a friend?

Yes! The ticket in your confirmation email includes a “send to a friend” button, which will prompt you to enter the recipient’s email address. Note that only one person can use a single ticket.

I didn’t receive my tickets—what should I do?

Never fear - we are here to help! If you haven’t received your tickets or if you have any questions, please email for assistance.

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