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I’ve made a reservation - How do I get my tickets and watch the show?

Option 1 - In your confirmation Email
If you’ve made a reservation, then you’ll receive a confirmation email - in that email, in the “Your Tickets” section you’ll see 2 options - View on Mobile and View Tickets. Click View Tickets, where you’ll be brought to a screen showing all of your tickets on that order.

Once you see that screen, then click the WATCH VIDEO button, and your video will start. Email Confirmation

Option 2 - On the order confirmation page
Once your order is complete - you’ll see a confirmation page. From here, you can view your individual tickets in the “Print Your e-Tickets” section (View opens the ticket in a webpage. PDF opens it as a PDF with clickable links) Order Confirmation

I bought a ticket for someone else - how do I get it to them?

On the E-ticket page for your order, (which you get to by selecting the View Tickets option in your confirmation email) you’ll see a link above each ticket which says “Send to Friend” - then you can enter that person’s email address/phone number to give them that ticket. Of note: unless you purchased the entire order for someone else, do not forward the entire confirmation email, as that will give them access to all of the tickets and shows that you have purchased, and will prevent you from being able to watch the shows.

What device do I need to watch my video? Do I need to download anything?

It is strongly recommended to load the performances on a computer/laptop running either Windows or Mac OS.

This is because the artists at Fringe are allowed to select from a handful of platforms (such as YouTube, or Zoom) based on the needs of their performance.  You can see which platform is being used by that show on the event listing on the show listing (in the Platform field.)

If the show that you’re going to watch is on Zoom - you will want to be sure to download the free Zoom Client for Meetings application ahead of time, to ensure that you can join the meeting quickly at showtime.

Can I watch it on my TV / Chromecast?

It is strongly recommended to load the performances on a computer/laptop running either Windows or Mac OS.

There are a variety of platforms used, and some services directly support casting via Chromecast, and others do not. There are ways of displaying your entire screen on a TV (such as an HDMI cable output) which may work in your computers specific setup. Please note: The box office will not be able to troubleshoot technical issues due to not being able to cast to a different device.

You can see which platform is being used by that show on the event listing on the show listing (in the Platform field)

The following services have built in support for using Chromecast (the links go to their instruction pages)

Other services such as Zoom, or an individual website may only be able to play on a chromecast device by streaming your entire screen via the chrome browser (of note, this may cause some buffering or lagging issues, so proceed with caution with this option.)

I clicked the link, and I now see a message saying the video isn’t available yet. What gives?

We love your enthusiasm! If you are receiving that message, that means you’ve attempted to access the video a bit too far ahead of the start time. Here are the time rules:

For a Live video
The link will stop showing that message 1 hour before the event time. This should give you time to find a grab a beverage, comfy seat, load up your links, get your technology set up, and put your phone on Silent Mode… (okay that one might not be needed virtually)

For an On-Demand video
On-Demand videos will be available to watch from midnight on September 15th through Midnight on October 10th (Though, of note, On-Demand ticket sales will stop at the end of the festival on September 26, so be sure to purchase before that date if you want to watch the show between 9/26 and 10/10)

Do I need to download anything to access the videos?

If one of the shows you’ll be attending is hosted on Zoom - then you will need that application on your computer (if that is the case, you’ll be prompted to download Zoom.)

What kinds of shows are in the Virtual Fringe this year?

This year, the shows decide what video type, and access type they want to use to get their show in front of the audience.

Some shows are Live/Paid, some are Live/Free, while others might be On-Demand/Paid. Here’s a quick definition of these!

Video Types

  • Live - These are similar to a traditional theatre performance.Shows will start at the time specified on the ticket.
  • On-Demand - Think of these as renting a video or watching Netflix. They are available throughout the festival, and can be watched at any time that is convenient for you. (Of note, on-demand videos will become available to watch on September 15th, and will be unavailable after October 10th)

Access Types

  • Paid - These events require a ticket to access. They can be purchased in advance, or moments before the performance.
  • Free - These will require a reservation in order to get access to the video. Reservations can be made in advance, or they can be made shortly before the performance.
  • Direct - Some of the free performances don’t need a reservation - once you click the link, you’ll be brought directly to the video. Quick and easy!!

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