Virtual Fringe FAQ

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Virtual Fringe FAQ

What kinds of shows are in the Virtual Fringe this year?

This year’s lineup includes live and on-demand performances of all genres, streaming on a variety of platforms. There are both free and paid performances available to view - check them out on our Shows Page

Video Types

  • LIVE - These are similar to a traditional theatre performance. Live shows begin and end at specific times.
  • ON-DEMAND - Think of these as renting a video or watching Netflix. On-demand shows are available throughout the festival, and can be watched at your convenience (anytime between September 14th and October 9th).

Do I need a ticket to watch a virtual performance?

Sometimes! Paid performances are ticketed, but free performances are not.

How do I access a free performance?

Easily! Simply find the show on our Shows Page and click on a showtime to view the performance (remember: live shows begin and end at certain times, while on-demand shows are available to view throughout the festival).

How do I buy a ticket?

For paid virtual performances, please go to our Shows Page to find a show and click on a showtime to purchase tickets. Once you’ve completed your transaction, there are two ways to access your e-ticket:


Once your order is complete, you can view your tickets by clicking the orange “View” button in the “Your e-Tickets” section of the order confirmation page. From there, click the black “WATCH VIDEO” button on the ticket for the performance you’d like to view.


In the “Your Tickets” section of your confirmation email, you’ll find a blue “View Tickets” link, which will display all of the tickets in your order. From there, click the black “WATCH VIDEO” button on the ticket for the performance you’d like to access. (PS: we recommend that you save this email!)

I bought a ticket for someone else - how do I get it to them?

Once you’ve accessed your tickets, click the “Send to Friend” button above the ticket that you’d like to send. You’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address or phone number.

Of note: unless you’ve purchased your entire ticket order for someone else, do not forward your confirmation email to a friend, as that will give them access to all of the tickets and shows that you have purchased, and will prevent you from being able to watch the shows.

What device do I need to watch my video? Can I watch it on my TV / Chromecast?

It is strongly recommended to load the performances on a computer/laptop running either Windows or Mac OS.

Some of the platforms used by our artists directly support casting via Chromecast, and others do not. There are ways of displaying your entire screen on a TV (such as an HDMI cable output) which may work in your computer’s specific setup.

I clicked the link, and I now see a message saying the video isn’t available yet. What gives?

We love your enthusiasm! If you are receiving that message, that means you’ve attempted to access the video a bit too far ahead of the start time. Here are the time rules:

  • LIVE PERFORMANCES - The link to a live performance will stop showing this message one hour before showtime. This should give you time to find a grab a beverage, comfy seat, load up your links, get your technology set up, and put your phone on Silent Mode… (okay, that one might not be needed virtually)
  • ON-DEMAND PERFORMANCES - These will be available to watch from midnight on September 14th through midnight on October 9th (though, of note, on-demand ticket sales will stop at the end of the festival on September 25th, so be sure to purchase before that date if you want to watch the show between 9/25 and 10/9).

Do I need to download anything to access the videos?

If one of the shows you’ll be attending is hosted on Zoom, then you will need that application on your computer. We recommend downloading Zoom ahead of time (it’s free).

I didn’t receive my tickets—what do I do?

Never fear - we are here to help! If you haven’t received your tickets or if you have any questions, please email for assistance.

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