The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

(G, 1939, Victor Fleming, 102 mins.) In celebration of Judy Garland's 100th birthday! Dorothy (Judy Garland) and her little dog Toto are magically transported into the enchanted land of Oz via a Kansas tornado. As they travel down Oz's Yellow Brick Road to find the Wizard and ask him to send them home, they encounter an enlightening group of characters, human and otherwise. This 1939 award-winning film classic is a perennial favorite that has recently been meticulously restored. Also starring Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, and Margaret Hamilton.

  • Length: 102 Minutes
  • Tickets: Not Required
  • Venue: Spiegelgarden
  • Genre: Visual Arts & Film
  • Location Type: Outdoor

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