The Mid-Century Modern Jazz Quartet

The Mid-Century Modern Jazz Quartet

The Mid-Century Modern Jazz Quartet plays straight-up jazz from the period known in design circles as Mid-Century Modern. The MCMJQ features RIT Professor Emeritus Al Biles on trumpet & flugelhorn, Steve Gates on drums & jaw bone, Chuck Dye on 7-string guitar, and Bruce Goldman on upright bass. Their repertoire includes Miles, Monk, Gershwin, Golson, Porter, Shorter, Silver, Rollins, Jobim, Ellington, and many others. They have played together in various overlapping groups for years, but this quartet is special!

  • Length: 45 Minutes
  • Tickets: Not Required
  • Venue: The Little: Theatre 1
  • Genre: Music
  • Production Company:
  • Website: Visit
  • Sponsor: RIT
  • Location Type: Indoor

AUDIENCE MEMBERS AGED 12 OR OVER MUST PRESENT FULL PROOF OF VACCINATION FOR ENTRY TO INDOOR VENUES. Accepted proof includes NYS Excelsior Pass or CDC card (hard copy or photo.) Please arrive 30 minutes early for vaccination check. Masks will be required

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