The Memory Palace

Two Amazing Ways to Experience the Award-Winning, Acclaimed Podcast!

Internationally popular podcast The Memory Palace brings two unforgettable events to Rochester’s Fringe: The Memory Palace Live at Kilbourn Hall and the world premiere of an on-site podcast accessible via wireless headphones at High Falls.

The Memory Palace Live

Live and on stage! The Memory Palace podcast brings a night from America’s past to the Fringe. The show has carved out a unique place in this new art form, even landing its host a gig as an Artist in Residence at the Met. Drawn from a decade of The Memory Palace including a few tales old and new from Rochester’s own history, Nate DiMeo will present an unforgettable evening of stories, music and pictures. More details and tickets to The Memory Palace Live.

The Memory Palace On-Site Listening Experience at High Falls

Master storyteller Nate DiMeo creates a specially commissioned episode, entitled “High Falls”, of the popular history podcast The Memory Palace, transporting the listener to an event of local lore at High Falls. Using wireless headphones available on-site, audience members can experience the 10-minute podcast while in the story’s exact location. Following Fringe, it will be available for download anywhere in the world. More details about the Memory Palace listening experience at High Falls.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to experience one of your favorite podcasts in a brand new way, or discover it for the first time in a uniquely Fringe way!

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