Performing Valeska

Performing Valeska

"Performing Valeska" is a dance/theatre solo based on the life of avant-garde performer, Valeska Gert. A unique, pioneering artist who thrived in Berlin during the 20s but was ultimately banned during WWII, Gert challenged her audiences with groundbreaking live performances. Oakland, CA's Janet Collard embodies Valeska, recreating her costumes, words, and famous theatrical solos. Witness a resurrection of the incomparable artist Valeska Gert as Collard brings her wild, feminist artistry and anarchy to a 21st-century audience.

  • Length: 30 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Venue: The Avyarium
  • Genre: Dance
  • Production Company: Janet Collard Dance Theater
  • Website: Visit

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