Moby Dick Bemshi!

Moby Dick Bemshi!

Streaming Live

"Moby Dick Bemshi!" combines story, libretto, and song with the 1926 film, "Moby Dick," to tell the tale of Herman Melville’s creation of his saga. It's an imagining of how it happened: fleeing one country for another, falling in love with an Irish revolutionary, and – finally – wresting with an angel who challenges him to express humanity’s fate by writing a masterpiece. Sail along with us for this giddy, full-circle fantasia as its waves sweep the shores!

  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Tickets: Not Required
  • Venue: Virtual Fringe
  • Access Type: Streaming Live
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Multidisciplinary
  • Production Company: Word Consortium

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