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A primal scream from the trenches of first-time motherhood, Milkdrunk crackles with humor, heart, and vulnerability as writer/performer Cathleen O'Malley exposes the damp and dirty world of childbirth, and what it means to be a nursing mammal in modern America. "Milkdrunk is to breastfeeding what The Vagina Monologues is to women's sexuality: a curtain-ripping revelation on a world hidden in plain sight." (Kindred); "a resounding yawp of motherhood" (All About Solo); “★★★★ 1/2” (All About Solo Critic's Choice).

  • Length: 65 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Access Type: On Demand
  • Platform: YouTube
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Website: Visit

Please note, like other fringe festivals around the world this year, our Virtual Fringe features open-access online shows that are not curated by Rochester Fringe. We strive to be an open platform, as performing artists have limited options during this unusual time. Show applications were reviewed to ensure appropriateness and alignment with Fringe's ideals of openness and inclusion.

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