Manifest This: A Tragicomic Odyssey

Manifest This: A Tragicomic Odyssey

Kelli Dunham's "Manifest This" is a one-person, multimedia, live, comedic storytelling show about what happens when midwestern, genderqueer stubbornness disasterlife meets the Portlandia-esque world of The Secret, #manifesting, queerwoo, Kale As Religion and Ear Candling for Dogs. If anyone has told you that you can cure all your physical/emotional ailments with good thoughts, remote reiki and chakra massaging, this show is for you. Also, if you just like funny nonbinary people.

  • Length: 50 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Venue: Writers & Books
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Production Company: Found Voice Communications
  • Website: Visit

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