Gathering the Good: Stories and Songs to Lift the Heart

Gathering the Good: Stories and Songs to Lift the Heart

Streaming Live

Gathering the Good: Songs and Stories to Lift the Heart brings 60 minutes of hope amidst Covid, racial, and economic unrest. WROC TV producer Vanessa Cheeks and anchor Maureen McGuire, along with “Reverend Mother” Phyl Contestable, writers Evelyn Brady, Chef Rosita Caridi Miller, Dave Van Arsdale, Reverend Peggy Meeker, Heather Mensies Jones, Melissa Parrish, Elizabeth Osta, and others collaborate with musicians John Akers, Ed Deller, Kitty Forbush, and Ann Rhody. Prepare to laugh and be inspired.

  • Length: 70 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Access Type: Streaming Live
  • Platform: Zoom Meeting
  • Genre: Multidisciplinary
  • Website: Visit

Please note, like other fringe festivals around the world this year, our Virtual Fringe features open-access online shows that are not curated by Rochester Fringe. We strive to be an open platform, as performing artists have limited options during this unusual time. Show applications were reviewed to ensure appropriateness and alignment with Fringe's ideals of openness and inclusion.

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