Diary 2.0 Substitute Teacher – Tools of the Trade

Diary 2.0 Substitute Teacher – Tools of the Trade

In a follow-up to the sold-out “Diary of a Substitute Teacher,” Jim Harney answers the all-important question: what does a substitute need in a classroom? A complete survival kit certainly doesn’t hurt, but there’s so much more to learn. In this entertaining sequel, the audience will hear about the strange, hilarious, and not-so-real tools of the trade used to maintain order and strive to get through a day in a classroom. Come prepared to take notes and laugh hysterically.

  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Venue: The Theater @ Innovation Square
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Production Company: James Harney Productions
  • Website: Visit
  • Location Type: Indoor

AUDIENCE MEMBERS AGED 12 OR OVER MUST PRESENT FULL PROOF OF VACCINATION FOR ENTRY TO INDOOR VENUES. Accepted proof includes NYS Excelsior Pass or CDC card (hard copy or photo.) Please arrive 30 minutes early for vaccination check. Masks will be required

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