C'est Pas La, C'est Par La

It’s not here, it’s over here. U.S premiere tour of the renowned immersive arts experience direct from France. How does a crowd move? And how does one move differently when alone versus in a crowd? What determines the "We"? What is an individual within a group? Inspired by a South Korean pro-democracy rally, street artist Juhyung Lee and arts collective Galmae create a participatory arts experience involving 5 kilometers of string for two nights only.

The presentation of the performance-installation C’est pas là, C’est par là by Compagnie Galmae… is possible with the support of FACE Contemporary Theater, a program of Villa Albertine and FACE Foundation, in partnership with the French Embassy in the United States, with support from The Ford Foundation, Institut français, the French Ministry of Culture, and private donors.


  • Length: 45 Minutes
  • Tickets: Not Required
  • Venue: City Blue Imaging
  • Genre: Visual Arts & Film
  • Production Company: Galmae
  • Location Type: Outdoor

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