The Avyarium Accessibility

The Avyarium: Rochester’s new home for great theater in Village Gate.


274 Goodman Street North D242

Rochester, NY 14607

Owner & Curator

Virginia Monte

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • Route of travel is slip resistant and at least 36 in wide
  • Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • Parking lot off Goodman Street includes over 100 spaces, 5 of which are accessible
  • Accessible spaces are closest to accessible entrance on proper route
  • Accessible spaces marked with International Symbol of Accessibility


  • Main entrance is accessible, with clear wall space and low threshold edge
  • Main entrance is operable with closed fist

Rooms and Spaces

  • Still setting up main performance space; not able to assess yet

Seats, Tables, and Counters

  • Seats are flexible and can be set up to people’s needs.

Vertical Circulation

  • Elevator goes up to the Avyarium’s level.


  • Women restrooms are accessible for people in wheelchair
  • Men restrooms not accessible for people in wheelchair
  • No pictogram used to identify restrooms
  • Toilet seat is only 16-inch high
  • Faucet can be operated with closed fist


  • Virginia Monte (585) 507-1349

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