ROC Cinema Accessibility

ROC Cinema

Rochester’s Oldest Movie Theater - Recently renovated into a Dine-In Movie Theater & Event Space with Full Bar & Kitchen.


957 S Clinton Ave

Rochester, NY 14620


Kristina Dinino-Jeffords

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • Front doors (Corner of S Goodman and S Clinton Ave intersection). 2 individual doors opening to 35” each. one on far right side and one on far left side. 2 full size windows in center that no not move or open. Tint on all entrance windows. No visibility inside.
  • Route of travel not requiring use of stairs
  • Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane
  • Curbs have curb cuts at drives, parking, and drop off
  • Double back doors (S Clinton Ave, facing Highland Diner) open together to 68” total. No metal divider between doors.


  • Located in the rear of the theater. Access point is on S Goodman side near handicap parking spot
  • Single door at top of ramp directly off city sidewalk. That door opens to 34” and leads to 8 stairs down. Access point from behind movie screen and stage left.
  • Single door at base of ramp. Opening to 34” leading to concrete floor at the base of the theater but in front of the screen. Stage is approx. 10’ from the entrance.

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • Drop off areas are on S Clinton side with double black doors or ramp in back (access from S Goodman back parking lot near handicap parking spot)
  • Parking is Dollar Tree Parking lot across the street from theater. Access point are on opposite corners of S Clinton and S Goodman
  • Dollar Tree plaza parking lot have 70 spots
  • Street parking available
  • 3 spots behind the building in line with handicap spot along the back fence that lines the ramp


  • Main entrance doors enter into bar and box office area
  • Bar leads into lobby area which leads into theater
  • Theater has two access points for guests. One on each side of the back end of the theater.
  • There ate steps in the aisles as you make your way into the theater. Row J is the back of the theater where guests enter in on either side

Rooms and Spaces

  • Bar area - service bar are and box office. Not meant as a social gathering bar
  • Kitchen - along the back wall of the lobby
  • Upstairs - projection room, storage,  and Green Room
  • Green Room - for all performers. At top of staircase and to the right. 15 stairs up. Used as changing room, make-up room, lounge and storage for the performers. Has bathroom with single sink and toilet, 3 mirrors for makeup, couch & coffee table. Seating for 6 people, more can be added. Garment racks. Air conditioned & carpeted. Window facing outside overlooking S Clinton Ave and Highland Diner. Wi-Fi available

Seats, Tables and Counters

  • Theater has seating for 108 people. Consists of rows B-J (NO row A) all having 12 seats per row.
  • The wings on each side have seats 1-3 & 10-13. Middle area is 4-9. (see map above)
  • Aisle are illuminated with glow in the dark stripes along each step. Aisles/walkways into theater are 52.5 inches wide.
  • All of Row J can accommodate wheelchairs
  • Theater is carpeted
  • There are thin conference style tables in front of all chairs with outlets below every table. Table have black metal frame and black laminate counters. All are numbers accordingly.
  • Chairs are leather executive roller chairs that lounge but do not recline. They hold up to 425lbs. Have the ability to be raised or lowered, and lumbar support. 4 booster seats are available.
  • Ambiance touch lamps are on every table, every 3 seats. There are 3 levels of light, all noninvasive.
  • Overhead Theater LED lights have the ability to be off completely or dimmed during performances
  • Stage is in front of row B. It’s a Bil-Jax stage with carpet tiles glued down. The height of legs are set at 36”


  • No elevator in building


  • Men’s room has one stall (handicap accessible with grab bars), one urinal. One sink. For guests & performer use.
  • Women’s room has 3 stalls (one wheelchair accessible with grab bars). Two sinks. For guests & performer use
  • Green room bathroom-single toilet and sink. Not handicap accessible.


  • Kristina Dinino-Jeffords (585) 317-3773

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