Gibbs Street Main Stage Accessibility

Gibbs Street

Free entertainment, live music, Fringe Street Beat, food, beer and wine.


14 Gibbs Street (between East Avenue and E. Main Street)

Rochester, NY 14604


Matt Guarnere

Accessible Approach/Entrance

• Venue is at ground level

• Route of travel is slip resistant and at least 36-inches wide

• Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane

• Curbs have curb cuts (on East Avenue, Swan and Main Streets)

• Most direct route is Barrett Place (between Swan and Gibbs)

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

• Accessible spaces are available in the East End Garage (City of Rochester); Swan Street entrance offers seven (7) accessible spaces

• Accessible spaces at the Swan Street entrance are closest to accessible entrance on proper route (Barrett Place to Gibbs Street)

• When exiting garage on Swan Street, sidewalk is a little steep

• Accessible spaces are also available in the East End Garage (City of Rochester) through the Main Street entrance; offers at least fifteen (15) accessible spaces on three (3) levels

• Accessible spaces at the Main Street entrance are closest to accessible entrance on proper route (Main Street to Gibbs Street)

• Accessible spaces marked with International Symbol of Accessibility

Rooms and Spaces

• Aisles and pathways are flexible; need to walk among crowded area

• At least 5-foot space for turning a wheelchair completely, when needed

• Obstacles are cane-detectable in circulation paths through public areas


• Flexible (public space)


•Accessible port-a-potty near Spiegelgarden (One Fringe Place, corner of Gibbs and Main)



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