Central Library—Rundel Memorial Library Building

Central Library—Rundel Memorial Library Building

Living Books Roc! Harold Hacker Hall


115 South Street

Rochester, NY 14604


Susan Lusignan

Accessible Approach/Entrance

  • Entrance is on ground floor (Central Library): ramp available
  • Route of travel is slip resistant and at least 36” wide
  • Most objects can be detected by a person with a visual disability using a cane: however, proceed with caution
  • Curbs have curb cuts at drives, parking, and drop off - cross at South and Court for best curb cuts, or take the underground tunnel from Central Library

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

  • Central Library is a municipal building—public parking is the sole option. There is some on-street parking available surrounding the Library, and paid parking is available in Courth Street, South Avenue, and Washington Square garages maintained by the City of Rochester. Confirmation of ADA accessibility for said garages can be directed to City Engineer Holly Barrett (holly.barret@cityofrochester.gov)
  • Court Street Parking Garage:
    • 9 accessible parking spaces available (on ground floor), with 8’ wide access aisle and 98” of vertical clearance
    • Accessible spaces closest to accessible entrance on proper route: easy access to Central Library from parking garage
    • Accessible space marked with International Symbol of Accessibility


  • Main entrance located on ground floor (Central Library): ramp available at entrance
  • All doors are automatic: can be used independently and opened with 5 pounds or less of pressure
  • Entrance door has at least 32” of clear opening with at least 18” of clear wall on the pull side of the door, next to handle
  • Threshold edge is accessible—1/4” high or less
  • Door handle no higher than 48” and operable with closed fist

Rooms and Spaces

  • Aisles and pathways to materials and services at least 36” wide: assistance might be needed in stacks to open doors
  • 5’ space for turning a wheelchair completely: assistance might be needed to turn around in certain areas of the stacks
  • Obstacles are cane-detectable in circulation paths through public areas

Seats, Tables, and Counters

  • Assembly area seating—all moble so furniture can be moved to allow for companion seating
  • Circulation counters have accessible portion with 36” wide section
  • All items on counter easily within reach
  • Water fountain spouts not higher than 36” and can be operated independently (closed fist)
    • clear space around water fountain of 52”


  • Elevator available
  • Call button in hallway no higher than 42”
  • Car controls no higher than 48” with emergency controls no higher than 35”
  • 60” diameter circle for t-turn with shut doors
  • NO audible tones to note current floor: NO braille/tactile signs between 48”-60”


  • Fully accessible restrooms with pictograms used to identify restrooms
  • Doorway of restroom is at least 32” clear (operable with a closed fist): NO accessible handles
  • Adequate maneuvering space for a person using a wheelchair (approximately 6/5’ diameter clear space to make turns)
  • Accessible restroom with doorway at least 32” clear
  • Door handles operable with a closed fist or less than 48” high
  • Restroom designed for single occupant so no stall
  • Stall has area at least 5’X5’ clear of door swing
  • 36” wide path to all fixtures
  • Accessible stall with grab bars behind and on the side of wall nearest the toilet
  • Stall NOT operable with closed fist inside and out
  • Toilet seat less than 19’ high
  • Faucet NOT operable with closed fist
  • Soap and paper towel dispensers not higher than 44”
  • Paper towel dispenser not higher than 44”


  • Susan Lusignan: (585) 428-8350

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