Two of Mee

Two of Mee

TWO OF MEE is composed of two pieces developed from texts by playwright Charles Mee. “Life Is a Dream” with Nanako Horikawa and Andrea Vazquez, as well as music composed and performed by James J. Kaufman, responds to the paradox of our capacity for rapturous love and devastating destruction. “Mee and She” is a pastiche of women’s monologues from Mee’s works, shared by performers Lynea D’Aprix and Olivia Howard. The pieces were staged collaboratively under the direction of Frank Kuhn.

  • Length: 40 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Venue: Geva Theatre Center: Fielding Stage
  • Genre: Multidisciplinary
  • Production Company: Two of Mee
  • Website: Visit

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