Elephant Grass: An Afrofutur-Mystic Tale

Elephant Grass: An Afrofutur-Mystic Tale

ELEPHANT GRASS: AN AFROFUTUR-MYSTIC TALE is Sci-Fi Dance Theater. A SHE-ro on a mission. Visions. Ritual. Initiation. Is it safe for a girl to surf the universe alone? Shamen & her Ancestors make safe passage beyond the mystical Grass. When was the last time YOU had to face doubt and fear? A ‘Fire Gorgon’ and a ‘Water Maddah’ are no ordinary ordeals! A Guy & N’Jelle Thorne original dance-centric performance art experience of philosophical nuggets and choreographic swagger.

  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Venue: Geva Theatre Center: Fielding Stage
  • Genre: Multidisciplinary
  • Production Company: FuturPointe Dance Inc
  • Website: Visit

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